Ooh X Worthy Is The Lamb (MALA Lamb Rack)



Worthy Is The Lamb, founded by Jay who is an avid meat lover, is a home based business serving lamb racks at affordable pricing yet without any compromising on quality. For those that dislike the strong taste of lamb, Jay’s goal is to convince them that the ones that they prepared will change their thinking about lamb rack forever! His goal is to make the lamb rack suitable for all to enjoy, Worthy is the Lamb has been constantly refining their signature dish, leaving customers craving for more!

Incorporating our trademark MALA recipe to the classic Rack of Lamb. We proudly present Mala lamb rack — an incredible fusion of both Chinese and Western elements in a single dish. Enjoy the tenderness and juicy lamb rack with a punch of numbness and spiciness 

NOTE: Orders placed before Friday will be for the coming weekend. Only available on weekend for 2pm to 6pm delivery.

Orders placed and paid after Friday will be scheduled to deliver for the following weekend.

Choice Of

Saturday Lunch 11-1pm, Saturday Dinner 5pm – 7pm, Sunday Lunch 11-1pm, Sunday Dinner 5pm – 7pm


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