Ooh X Kookery (MALA Abacus Seeds)



The Kookery is a small home-based food business selling Hakka Abacus Seeds founded by Kathryn and Zed. Their passion for cooking and baking led to the launch of The Kookery on 5th May 2021. With a vision to share their homemade delights, they have curated an amazing traditional hand kneaded delicacy with a modern twist – Tri Color Abacus Seeds (Yam & Sweet Potato) embodying the fragrance of dried shrimp, cuttlefish, mushroom, minced pork and black fungus in every bite.

We have collaborated with The Kookery to give you MALA Abacus Seeds.
A spicy and modern twist on traditional Hakka Abacus Seeds which will numb your tongue, warm the soul and make you go Ooh La La…

$9.90 for 300g (Choice of Tri Color/Yam)

NOTE: Orders placed before Friday will be for the coming weekend. Only available for lunch delivery between 11am – 3pm

Orders placed and paid after Friday will be scheduled to deliver for the following weekend.

Choice Of

Yam (Saturday 11am – 3pm), Tri Color (Saturday 11am – 3pm), Yam (Sunday 11am – 3pm), Tri Color (Sunday 11am – 3pm)


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