Ooh Mala Peanuts


A regular suspect in your MALA Xiang Guo (麻辣香锅) to add the contrast to the spiciness, Now you don’t have to dig in and find the peanuts hiding among your Mala Hotpot as Ooh Mala Peanuts (麻辣花生)offers you that same nutty, spicy and numbing crunchiness that you seeks out every time to ease your MALA cravings.

150gram per pack

Proudly Made In Singapore

The Legit Mala Snack Taste You Can Trust











Weight0.5 kg

2 reviews for Ooh Mala Peanuts

  1. Karun

    Awesome companion for Beer. Impressed with the generous amount of mala powder. You can use that as a condiment after!

  2. Wen

    One of the better mala peanuts available. I’ve only bought the bottles so far and they are so generous with the mala powder that even after you finish your peanuts, you can consider adding more nuts in to not waste the mala powder.

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