Customise your own CNY Huat Box


Customise and Personalise your own CNY MALA Huat Box this year.


Step 1: Simply add this to cart

Step 2: Select the items you would like to pack in this box. *(Check out the recommended combination below to give you a guide on what can be fit into this box. However, do reach out to us if you have anything in mind. We will be glad to help)

That’s it!

Each CNY Huat box can fit the following combination.
If you are buying more than 1 customise box, do put in the remarks during checkout on how you would like us to place the snacks in each box!.

Option 1
Any 2 Bottles of CNY Snacks 1 chili shaker

Option 2
Any Bottle of CNY Snacks and Any 2 pack of Mala Nuts (Peanuts/Green Peas)

Option 3
Any 2 packs of MALA Chips(Potato Chips/Cassava Chips) and Any 2 Packs Of MALA Nuts (Peanuts/Green Peas)

Option 4
Any 8 packs of MALA Nuts (Peanuts/Green Peas)

Option 5
Any 2 bottles of CNY Snacks and 2 bottle of MALA Crispy Chili Oil.

Option 6
6 Bottles of MALA Crispy Chili oil


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