Ooh was born in February 2018 by the founder, Gervor Quek. The idea came out during a regular family dinner with his wife at a restaurant they always patronise, 老四川 located at Link Hotel that serves authentic Szechuan food. 

One of the dishes that was specially made for them was a Sliced Potato dish that is thinly sliced and fried till crispy before stir-fried with spices like how 辣子鸡 is presented. Gervor loves spicy food and he ate 麻辣香锅 almost every day so in order to satisfy his craving, he thought it will be good to make it into an everyday snack which he will be able to indulge himself anytime.


That’s how he started creating his first batch of chips in January 2018 and chips-tasting among some of his friends and colleagues to gather feedback and fine-tune the taste. It came out really well with some of them ordering the chips from him for Lunar Chinese New Year. That’s how the idea came about and Ooh was born with their 1st pop- up store at Suntec City in May 2018.

ooh-mala-trial-set-sigantures copy


 “Ooh” was decided as the brand name as it was the 1st word that blurted out when Gervor spoke to his wife about this idea. “Ooh! (with excitement), I could do this at home. Given that it is a common word used by everyone around the world, and commonly with an element of “Surprise”, “Affection” and “Feeling Awesome”, 

That is what Ooh wants to bring across to their customers.

And that is how #TheMalaParty is formed.

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